Jonathan Clarren, Chief Executive Officer


Jon Clarren is a conceptual artist who produces site-specific, architectural installations using a variety of materials including glass, metal, wood, and textiles. Using these age-old materials, he integrates modern processes such as CNC, waterjet, and computer- driven drafting technologies to achieve articulated figuration on his surfaces and forms. Investigating the interaction of light with form and function has driven his curiosity and design process. The results encompass two and three dimensional works that play with pattern, perception and their environments. Success for Jonathan is measured in his clients and onlooker’s interaction and enjoyment with the products he has created.

Jon received a BFA in Sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design in 2002. He has worked in glass studios and academic institutions domestically and overseas, including Pilchuck Glass School, Pratt Fine Arts, and Public Glass in the United States, and at The Kamenicty Senov Secondary School of Glass in the Czech Republic. Collaborating with many artists throughout his career has given him a diverse knowledge base, increasing his technical mastery, and furthering his own conceptualization.

Dena Molnar, Chief Creative Officer


Dena Molnar is a textile designer, and CCO of Aedes Technologies. Dena has over 10 years’ experience in the textile industry, specializing in the design and fabrication of high performance textiles for interiors. She has held design positions with domestic mills, and went on to lead the high performance division of a leading supplier of textiles to commercial architects and designers, located in New York City. Dena has worked with domestic and international partners on R&D and design development.

Dena earned a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and holds a Masters in Technology from the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Her research addressed the relationship between textiles, architecture, and product design and how changes in technology are influencing the intersection between these industries, as well as influencing how materials get developed and specified at the onset of an architectural design/project. She has been involved in research and development on improved methods for modeling, fabricating, and actuating materials for the MIT Aerospace department and for industry.

Sterling K. Clarren, Managing Director


Sterling K. Clarren is a developmental pediatrician; he has spent his active medical career as a teacher, researcher and developer of medical clinical services. Dr. Clarren came to the University of Washington in 1973, after his education at Yale University and the University of Minnesota. He rose through the academic medical ranks to become the Robert A. Aldrich Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Washington and the Seattle’s Children’s Hospital. Over his 30-year academic medical career in Seattle, he created the Craniofacial Center, the Inpatient Hospitalist system, and headed the Division of Congenital Defects, Embryology and Teratology. He developed a national network of clinics for consistent diagnosis of fetal alcohol syndrome. In 2004 he was recruited to work in Canada in order to develop a national network for the collection of data to inform public policy on the issues related to fetal alcohol spectrum disorder: the Canada FASD Research Network (CanFASD). He is currently CEO and Scientific Director of CanFASD, and he maintains clinical appointments in departments of pediatrics at the University of Washington and University of British Columbia. Dr. Clarren holds several medical patents that evolved from his clinical research work.

He and his wife, Dr. Sandra Clarren, have been successful financial investors. In recent years they have diversified their investing efforts into direct venture- capital support for promising innovative enterprises. He is delighted to support the creation of Aedes Technologies.

Richard Grossman, Vice President of Marketing and Brand Engagement

Richard Grossman

Richard Grossman’s career has taken him from the theatrical stage to the concert stage; from the broadcasting studio to the recording studio; from the front of the post-secondary classroom to behind the administrator’s desk; and from post-production facilities to facilitating the communications needs of Fortune 500 corporations. Richard’s life journey is an enduring exploration of artistic expression and creative communication — blending curiosity, passion and entrepreneurial spirit with technical savvy and good old-fashioned know-how. As a producer/engineer, sound designer, songwriter and composer, his work has been heard on major label recordings, radio and television, live theatre, corporate boardrooms and online over the past three decades.

In the entertainment industry, Richard established Mainstage Promotions, one of the leading artist management and college booking agencies in the US. He also owned and operated Synctronix Recording and Production Studios during the “Purple Rain” boon. These businesses served the needs of MCA recording artist Giorge Pettus, Emmy winner Louie Anderson and other noted artists.

Richard has served as a Marketing Consultant for Traveler’s Insurance, 3M, American Express, Kodak and Banner Engineering. He served as Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Advanced Communication Design and as Director of Media Services for North American Media Group. Richard firmly believes that knowledge empowers and is dedicated to helping people realize their full potential through improved communications.